RMG on the Goldschmidt2023 Conference


RMG on the Goldschmidt2023 Conference

The Goldschmidt 2023 conference was held on July 9-14, 2023 in Lyon, France. As a global event for the communityof geochemistry, more than 3,000 geochemists from >50 countries attended this conference. This conference includes 14 themes and more than 100 sub-sessions. Its topics cover planetary geology, deep Earth processes, surface processes and Earth habitability, mineral deposit science, atmosphere-marine environment and biological evolution. Three members of RMG, including Ph.D candidates Xiao-Yu Zhang, Hui-Li Zhang and Professor Li-Hui Chen attended this conference, and presented in person in Lyon(Fig. 1).

fig 1.jpg

Fig.1. RMG members at the Goldschmidt2023 Conference

Hui-Li gave her oral presentation in sessions 5cO1, titled as “Extremely carbon-rich mantle beneath eastern China revealed by olivine phenocrysts within nephelinite” (Fig. 2).   

fig 2.jpg

Fig.2. Hui-Li Zhang was giving her oral presentation

Xiao-Yu’s oral presentation was in sessions 2fO2, titled as “Metal stable isotopic perspective on genetic relationship between HIMU and EM1 component” (Fig. 3).   

fig 3.jpg

Fig.3. Xiao-Yu Zhang was giving her oral presentation

Professor Chen gave the presenting in sessions 2eO2, titled as “Rejuvenation of ancient enriched reservoir in the mantle transition zone and generation of intraplate high-Mg# andesites” (Fig. 4).   


Fig.4. Li-Hui Chen was giving his oral presentation